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Princess/Duchess Elia
Princess of Ossetia, Duchess of Azouzopolis
Full Name Elia Idril Nohansen Lonarai Ambrai-Adesocius
Father Ambrai XII
Mother Princess Danladi
Royal Title HH Princess Elia of Ossetia, HRH Duchess of Azouzopolis
Spouse HRH Prince Hasoun Adesocius, Duke of Azouzopolis
Issue Lord Hasani, Duke of Miropolis
Allegiance Ossetia, Emiri
Born Year of the Dragon 778
Political Affiliation Royalist

The second child of three, Elia is renowned for her charity work, even more than her mother. Though she attended the typical school like the other royal children, at the age of thirteen she decided to follow her mother around the world on her charity work. She was attended by a tutor to provide for her education. She shares with her mother a love of theatre, and is known for having a powerful soprano singing voice (unlike her mother's gentle sound). She performed at the launch of her mother's charity, singing the well-known song, Saltwater.

Elia became engaged to Prince Hasoun Adesocius of Emiri, and married him in one of the largest weddings ever performed, with dual ceremonies at Ossetia and Emiri. She lives with him at the Royal Estate at Miropolis, the state residence of the royal family of Emiri. Upon marrying the Prince, she immediately shared his title as Duke of Azouzopolis. She still retains, however, her Ossetian royal title.

Two years after her wedding, she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named Hasani. As a son of a princess of Ossetia, he has from birth the title of Lord.