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Danladi Catallen-Ambrai
Princess of Ossetia
Full Name Danladi Tayalyne Catallen-Ambrai
Royal Title HH Princess Danladi of Ossetia
Spouse HG Prince Amir Ambrai XII
Issue Ambrai XIII, Princess Elia, Prince Geir
Reign 784 - 813
Preceeded By Princess Idril
Succeeded By Princess Helene
Allegiance Ossetia
Born YD 737
Died YD 817
Political Affiliation Royalist

Danladi Catallen, the former Princess of Ossetia, was born as the only child to Lord Diy and Lady Milla Catallen in the year 737. Lord Catallen worked as the manager of the local theatre, and Danladi (nicknamed "Dani") grew up watching plays. She loved to listen to the singing voices of attending actors and actresses, and aspired from a young age to become a singer. Her parents encouraged her, and for years she had singing classes with a local teacher. She even starred in leading roles in a few plays in her teenage years. During her third year of studying economics at university, she was offered the chance to make an album and took it, taking a year out of university to do so. The album, containing mostly folk songs, did moderately well, but she did not follow up on this success. She returned to university and completed her course.

After university, she became involved in working with the homeless, before moving to Feruche and finding work with the Royal Charity. It was at a function at the charity's headquarters in the city that she met Amir, the Crown Prince. They courted for several years before marrying in a quiet ceremony at Reiza Palace. They lived together at Amir's residence, Wentyn Castle, while training for the office of the princess. While Princess Idril had died twenty years before, she could not ascend to the throne until Amir succeeded his father. In between the training, she also managed to continue her work with the Royal Charity. The couple did not produce a child until several years after the marriage, and as a result she was under intense media attention at the time, until she and Amir made a rare television appearance where they stated that they were not interesting in having children just yet.

Only two years after this, Ambrai XIII was born. Four years later, Princess Elia followed, with Prince Geir a year later. Her years of charity work culminated in the launch of her own charity, simply named Dani, which works to help homeless children in Feruche. She has recently relinquished her office to her daughter in law at the death of her beloved husband, Amir. She continued to live at Athlante until her death, choosing not to move to Athmyr House. She retained the title of Princess but her style reverted to Her Highness. She is buried next to her husband in the Azh'Eltan, or Dragon Crypt.