National Flag
Capital City Orwell
Established 3/19/2006
Nation Team Red team Red

A Nation Born Edit

Caponia was established on Thursday, March 19, 2006. Princecaspian made his way to the New Pacific Order and was given membership on April 18, 2006.

At first, I joined because I saw that the NPO was the strongest and most well organized alliance. But I soon found a group of comrades and a complex community that I have called home ever since.

Life in Pacifica Edit

PrinceCaspian is a hardworking, active member of the Pacifican community. He holds a variety of jobs within the Order and works hard in each of his positions. PrinceCaspian was a founding member of the NPO Nation Sitting Program. His hard work with the department has helped out many of his fellow Comrades.

I began it with some fellow Pacificans and watched it grow from a thread to a sub-department to a department within Internal Affairs.

PrinceCaspian's experience within the Order would not have been the same had it been not for a few members that has impacted his time in the New Pacific Order.

Ivan Moldavi was one of the first "faces" of the New Pacific Order that PrinceCaspian remembers; he was a great Emperor and PrinceCaspian shared a lot of respect for him. Vladimir's knowledge of words and Francoism continues to astonish PrinceCaspian to this day and life in Pacifica would not be the same had it not been for the conversations these too shared. PrinceCaspian's first true friend in the order, Hawk 11, was a symbol of drive and motivation. Lastly, former NPO member, Melchior, worked on many projects with PrinceCaspian in various departments and the two shared the same hard-work menatlity in everything they did.

PrinceCaspians most memorable moment in the New Pacific Order has been wither his acceptance into the Order or the controversy that surrounded former Emperor Ivan Moldavi.

Professions Past & Present Edit

The Future Edit

Prince Caspian plans on doing everything he can in order to help improve the New Pacific Order.

Within the NPO, I will continue to invest time into the Order, and my future aspirations include joining one or so more departments and working more in the culture side of the NPO.

Ribbons and Awards Edit

PrinceCaspian was the reciepent of the Spotlight on Pacifica Award on December 6, 2008

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