Prince Geir
Prince of Ossetia
Full Name Geir Amir Nohansen Lonarai Ambrai
Father Ambrai XII
Mother Princess Danladi
Royal Title HH Prince Geir of Ossetia
Fiancée Lady Piera Mettyn
Issue None
Allegiance Ossetia
Born 779
Died 815
Political Affiliation Royalist

Prince Geir was the third and last child born to Prince Amir and Princess Danladi and the only Prince of the Blood in the family, the first in over four hundred years. He served in the Ossetian Army as a Lance Corporal, and saw active duty alongside other Ossetians in the Karma and TOP-CNG wars.

His platoon was engaged in the defence of the capital city of Feruche when the city was hit by a nuclear missile, the first such attack in the country's history. Almost all of the infantry defending the city were killed, the prince among them. His body was found twenty days later amid rubble in the centre of the city, along with the rest of his platoon. A short, private funeral was conducted, but due to the unsafe state of the country, his sister Princess Elia, the Duchess of Azouzopolos and her family were unable to attend.

Geir was an accomplished pianist and studied music at Schola Academia Ossetia on his breaks from active service in the army. He became engaged to Lady Piera Mettyn, daughter of Lord Elsdon Mettyn of Raetia, shortly before his death. He is buried in the Azh'Eltan, or Dragon Crypt, below Athlante Castle.

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