President Norris
Office President of East Germany
Term of Office May 2006–present
Predecessor Erik Heineken
Successor Incumbent
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth Undisclosed
Political Party Che Guevara Party

President Norris is the leader of East Germany and a member of the Socialist Workers Front international. Since he came to power in May 2006, Norris has put policies into place to resist imperialism in every which form it may appear.

Life in Exile & Return to Power Edit

When he verbally attacked Ivan Moldavi of the New Pacific Order who was emperor of the NPO at the time, East Germany was attacked and President Norris was chased out by the invading imperial troops. During his time in exile outside of East Germany, Norris adopted the false identity of "F. Stick" that quickly rose to the position of a known political figure until he was once more driven out by war. This time, from raiders and pirates.

However, he soon came out into the open as Norris once again as by that time the heat died down. The world was calm but it wouldn't be for much longer: President Norris took off where he left. He immediately commenced anti-Fascist agitation. He was the one who brought the October Massacre to the attention of the ICP and he was a strong advocat of war against the Nordreich at the time.

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