President of Grand Besaid
Mosunor of Grand Besaid

since 2 December 2009
StyleThe Honorable
ResidencePresidential Residence
Besaid, Grand Besaid
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderDynasty
DeputyVice President

The President of Grand Besaid, also known as the Mosunor of Grand Besaid, is the head of government and the head of state of Grand Besaid. The President is first in line in order of precedence, is the highest member of the executive branch, and is the primary wielder of executive power on the federal level. The President is also the commander in chief of the Grand Besaidian Armed Forces and the chief diplomat of the nation.

The President is elected every four years by the entire nation of Grand Besaid alongside a vice president. In the event of the president's abdication, removal, disqualification, or death, the Vice President of Grand Besaid assumes the office of President.

The President is responsible for the appointment of executive cabinet members, and for appointing many of the non-elected offices of the federal government of Grand Besaid, many of the more prominent ones on the advice and consent of the National Assembly. The President is also the presiding officer of the Ministerial Council and Executive Cabinet of Grand Besaid. He is also the nation's liason to the nation's alliance.

The President can veto resolutions of the National Assembly, and he can even submit them to a nation-wide referendum. Furthermore, the President can nullify a declaration of judicial review or interpretation with a supermajority vote of approval in both houses of the National Assembly. Unlike many other executives, the President cannot issue pardons on his own, rather, he may only do so with the approval of either house of the National Assembly. The President also has the power to call special sessions of the National Assembly and is the highest enforcer of the laws of Grand Besaid.

The qualifications of the President of Grand Besaid are being thirty years old, a resident of Grand Besaid for seventeen years prior to taking office, a citizen for thirty years prior to taking office, and having been born in Grand Besaid. The qualifications of foreign born citizens are being a citizen and a resident of Grand Besaid for at least forty years prior to their candidacy.

Presidential and National Seal

The seal of the President of Grand Besaid is identical to the seal of the nation of Grand Besaid. Originally, this was done to allow Dynasty, the founder of Grand Besaid, to be able to use the seal when needed, and because it was previously his personal seal. This, however, may change when someone succeeds Dynasty.

The official residence of the President

The official residence of the President is called the "Presidential Residence" and occasionally, the "Presidential Palace". It is located in the city of Besaid. The first, current, and only President of Grand Besaid is Dynasty.

The Presidency was created by the second constitution of Grand Besaid, though a position known as "President" did exist under the first constitution, though with much less power. As such, the Mosunor of the First Republic is considered to be the predecessor to the Presidency of the Second Republic.

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