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Portrait john hancock

Presidential Portrait of the Eternal President of Bespin, President Scroougee

President Scroougee is the ruler of the nation of Bespin. His nation is currently on an EZI list for his involvement in Vox Populi where he runs VoxPopuliRadio and is an active member within the Vox Primus.


President Scroougee was the former Ruler of Rhenvar. He was sentenced to a PZI list by RoK and Alpha Orionis for his attempts in a rebellion to overthrow Klaus Von Ausburg, former General of Alpha Orionis.

President Scroougee, joined the NPO after the outbreak of GW5 and enlisted into the Military. He failed to finish his Military training and soon left abruptly to help find Auctoritas where he served as apart of the Triumvirate and soon proclaimed himself as President making the alliance more democratic before its fall.

After the fall of Auctoritas, He enlisted into the Christian Coalition of Countries where he served as Diplomat to the now Defunct CPCN and served as Assistant minister for internal affairs economics. While he was in the CCC he gained many friends such as Mattheus, Roo, and Sheldomar all whom he still holds in the highest regard today. After leaving the CCC he joined Vox Populi where he served as a spy to various alliances until he left.

After leaving Vox populi for his first time. He joined a new alliance founded by Issac Wolfe (current member of NSO and former founder of Imperium). While enlisted into Imperium he was the Quaestor (minister for Economics) and helped organize an economic program but then felt the need to rejoin vox Populi.

Once again, Mr. Scroougee had left Vox populi and joined the New Roman military where he became the Praetor and Quaestor before he was banished. President Scroougee now resides with Vox Populi and is working on various essays, poems and writings as well as the Vox Populi Radio (a new recruiting tool for Vox Populi) and is currently working in diplomacy and helping form diplomatic realtions


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