Soviet Union President
Brandon Petrov
Mr President

In office
March 20, 2011 – Present
Vice President(s)   Vincent Harling
Preceded by President Al Petrov

Vice President of the Soviet Union Kingdom
In office
March 20, 2010 – March 20, 2011

Governor of Magadan
In office
September 1, 2009 – March 20, 2010

Born December 15, 1990 (Age 20)
Nationality English / Russian
Political party Soviet Democratic Party
Spouse None
Children None
Residence Soviet Presidential Palace
Profession Leader , Businessman , Anti-War
Religion Christianity
Signature 128px

Brandon Petrov (born December 15, 1990) is the current President of the Soviet Union and is currently A member of the Soviet Democratic Party.

Early lifeEdit

Brandon Petrov grew up in a normal house hold with his mother father and sister away from the public eye moved a few times to new homes but when Brandon was in middle school on December 4, 2001 his mom passed away in the hospital so he was raised with his sister by his father who had a girl friends help him he grew up knowing that you shouldn't take things for granted and love helping people and after he graduated is June 2009 he became mayor of the the city called Magadan and then he moved up to president when his father Resigning from office on march 20, 2011 to a illness that he soon got over making his son Brandon who was Vice President at the time the new President of the Soviet Union Kingdom

Political careerEdit

June 15, 2009 - when Brandon graduated in June 2009 he became the new mayor of Magadan City he stopped alote of crime under is new Magadan City Law Curfews he set in place if you were out past midnight walking around you had to have a good reason.

Shortly after he took office as the Soviet President he addressed his nation via television, promising to take on poverty and corruption, while creating jobs and improving Soviet Union's human rights record. President Brandon Petrov is generally opposed by Islamist conservatives, and some of his reforms have angered fundamentalists. He also created a new family code, or Union, which granted women more power. The law came into effect in June, 2011.

Family StructureEdit

Main article: Soviet Kingdom Family

Titles and stylesEdit

  • Mr President - Current

Brandon's BusinessesEdit

Petrov Hotel Incorporated - SOLD To United States of JBR


Petrov Supermarkets


Petrov Oil International

Brandon's Favorite IdolsEdit

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 32nd United States President 1933 - 1945
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Quote - The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear It Self
  • George Walker Bush - 43rd United States President 2001 - 2009
  • George Walker Bush - Our nation must come together to unite.

President Brandon Was CriticizedEdit

A lot of Soviet Union Kingdom People are not currently liking Brandon's arms reduction plan. Brandon is currently carrying the heavy burden of a former established superpower from his father being president but from the day Brandon took office as President, though he was anti-war from the beginning and just entering JBRican Civil War on 04/24/11 Currently the War has ended but President Brandon still has some troops over there to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Presidential SealEdit

200px-Standard of a Member of the Presidency of SFR Yugoslavia.svg

The President's flag travels everywhere with the President

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