Brandon Petrov
3rd Soviet President

Soviet President
In office
March 20th 2011 – present

Born December 15, 1990
Nationality English / Russian
Political party Soviet Democrat
Residence Moscow Main Palace
Profession Leader
Religion Christianity
Signature 128px

Soviet President BeliefsEdit

He Believes in

  • Human And Animal Rights
  • Freedom
  • Respect / Loyalty
  • Power


President Brandon Jr was born December 15, 1990 under the original Soviet Union before it officially broke up in 1991 but when it reformed in 2007 under then president Brandon Senior. Brandon Petrov Jr has was always out exploring new things, and loved to ride in his fathers military stuff. He also loved hanging around the palaces. He was always seen in either his formal Military Uniform inside The Palace and Father's special events but was also seen in his Camo Uniform.

Brandon Jr Favorite Quotes

  • FDR - The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear It Self

Family LifeEdit

Supreme Soviet President Brandon Jr is 20 years old likes to read and spends most of his time with his family making sure they're well taken care of, since he believes family is everything. He does not have a wife or kids at the moment.

Soviet President Current ResidentsEdit

President Brandon JR lives in Main Palace of the kingdom. But during the hot summer the Supreme Soviet goes to the summer palace with his wife and two children. If it happens to be the cold time of the year, he moves down to Italy Palace with his family. Summer Grand Palace One of three grand stair cases Work Completed In 2009 Winter Grand Palace One of three grand Crystal Chandeliers Work Completed In 2009 President Main Palace Main Palace Grand Stair Case Remodel Completed In 2010

Preside in the USSREdit

Since President Brandon Jr took office on March 20, 2011 President Brandon Jr has been working hard to change allote Of Things To Improve Lives Of The People and the work on the Government By Adding And Removing things.

President Brandon Jr Idol Is Franklin Delano Roosevelt President Brandon Takes Allote After Him

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Who was the 32 President Of The United States Of America from 1933 To 1945 And The Only United States President Who Served Four Terms As President Of The United States

To People He Is Known AsEdit

  • Mr President

Soviet President Currently Owned Tycoon CompaniesEdit

The Soviet Union President Brandon Jr owns the two of the most biggest marble and sugar mines company tycoons in the world Tycoon Marble Mine Tycoon Sugar Mine

Brings out 400 thousand dollars a month each of the tycoon company

Soviet Presidential SealEdit


This is the official Soviet Presidential Seal of the President And Vice President And the Coat Of Arms For The Nation

Rise To PowerEdit

President Brandon Jr came to power upon his father's illness as of March 20, 2011 He Is Now the President Of The Soviet Union

1st - Soviet President TermEdit

New Changes

  • Stricter Bank Laws
  • Made Gold Illegal To Own
  • More Freedom For The People
  • Modified Condition - Removed Term Limit
  • Formed New Government
  • Opened 3k New Jobs


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