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President of the Republic
President of the Deltoran Republic
President of the Republic Tyler Jacobs

since April 2011
ResidencePresident's House
Term length1 year
FormationJuly 2010

The President of the Deltoran Republic is the highest office in the Executive Branch of the Deltoran Republic. He/she is the Commander-in-Chief of the Military of the Deltoran Republic.


Major ActionsEdit

  • Declaration of War aginst severel small nations (Carrelson)
  • Declaration of War aginst a IRON nation (Carrelson)
  • Withdrawel of armed personal from IRON (Carrelson)
  • Foundation of the Blue Defence Organization (Carrelson)
  • Treaty with the United States of America Alliance (Carrelson)
  • Attacks on more nations (Carrelson)
  • Use of armed force on the BDO traitor Hangmans Noose (Carrelson)
  • Sentencing BDO tratior Hangmans Noose to Perma-ZI
  • Flee from the capital (Carrelson)
  • Withdrawel from the BDO (Carrelson)
  • Application in TGE (Carrelson)
  • Changed to Socialist Economy (Carrelson)
  • Changed to totaltarian government (Carrelson)
  • Carrelson deported (Johnson)
  • Change to Capitalism (Johnson)
  • Change to Federal Republicism (Johnson)
  • Joining the RIA (Johnson)
  • Attack on Nova Gaul (part of PB-NpO War) (Johnson)
  • Ending attacks (Johnson)
  • Entering Jihad War of the United States of JBR (Johnson)
  • Entering JBRican Civil War (Johnson)
  • Joining the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact (Nifestri)
  • Ending riots in Ocinia (Nifestri)
  • Entering Prussian Civil War (Nifestri)

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