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Defunct Doctrine: This doctrine was canceled or is no longer enforceable by the alliance(s) that issued it and it is no longer in effect.

Premise: To outlay the mission of The Company in Foreign Relations.

Intent of Diplomacy as executed by a diplomat

A diplomat should excel the idea and intent of diplomacy. Diplomacy is to pursue actions and documents that impact one or more alliances for the betterment of the condition of member states in both alliances. We are all in this together; an alliance is not an island. By doing so in all manners you should be sociable and formal revealing the ideas of The Company that we wish to exemplify.

Foreign Trade helps relations

That as an alliance we must believe that trade and diplomacy go hand in hand as they in essence open channels of diplomacy by bringing economic interests to attention and foster the deepening bonds of our allies by supporting them economically. But, Let us not forget that trade and diplomacy go hand and hand and it is used to open the channels of diplomacy. Therefore,Trade is diplomatic and gives power to no one politically but fosters beneficial diplomatic channels and helps an alliance get more opportunities to help fill the needs of trading and fair trades with its members by expanding them to other alliances.

Intervening and Mediating and Observing

The Company shall not intervene in any situation that involves espionage. As it goes against a moral fiber and threatens the integrity of The Company. However, we will intervene if requested or we will ask to become an independent mediator.A doctrine on this is in the works. Until, then, this is official policy and its implementation is to be decided by the DoFA or Director of Operations when it is appropriate. We will also observe situations by the same principle.

Diplomatic Advising and Helping

The Company shall lend its Department of Empathy and its diplomats and DoFA to help alliances with their foreign affairs by advising them and helping them by any diplomatic means. We are here to help, not hurt. All our criticisms will be constructive and offer an alternative solution to a fallible or failing policy of said alliance.