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Power War
Date December 17, 2008; Ceasefire agreed upon on December 20, 2008; Peace more or less agreed upon by December 22–23, 2008
Casus belli Member poaching and guide stealing by POWER from FEAR and UPN
Result POWER apologizes and a peace is concluded; POWER merges with DICE
Preceded by
Virtuous War
Succeeded by
Christmas War
Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
United Purple Nations
The Order of Righteous Nations
Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republics
Nations: 490
Nation Strength: 8,867,885
Average NS: 18,098
Nukes: 1,200
Score: 35.27
489,463 land
1,698,879 infra.
350,605 tech
7,017,796 soldiers
343,595 tanks
15,700 aircraft
3,306 cruise missiles
2,916 navy ships
Nations: 4
Nation Strength: 49,804
Average NS: 12,451
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.21
2,988 land
11,161 infra.
1,223 tech
65,905 soldiers
3,800 tanks
138 aircraft
55 cruise missiles
7 navy ships

The Power War was a conflict between the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics, the United Purple Nations, and the alliance, POWER.

Observer Intervention[]

PremierJames of The Company would intervene and would ask for an Indepedent Accord for peace to be considered. Upon, grateful reception by FEAR, PremierJames would draft and present to FEAR what he called the PremierJames's Accords. Also, to note, PremierJames continues to urge POWER to surrender to FEAR and UPN. The Company is said to also be an observer of the war and classified as independent.

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