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The United States of JBR is a signatory of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact and one of the three original founding nations. The only promcapablic nation in the bloc, the United States of JBR is led by Theresa Vales. Technically, the United States of JBR is no longer a member because of STOP's decision to suspend JBR due to Vales' hostility. STOP suspended the United States of JBR because of Vales' rule over the country. STOP signatories agreed to allow JBR back in when Justin Vuong, the predecessor of Vales, returned to power (or any of his approved officials).

The United States of JBR is the largest nation in terms of population and land area in the bloc and a member of the New Pacific Order (under Vuong). It is located in what originally was Southern California, Southern Nevada, Western Arizona, and northern Baja California.

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