Lance Pikachurin is a Disparuean statesman, journalist, engineer and retired politician.

He ruled as the King of Disparu from 2009 to the fall of Disparu in 2012, during which he served as the commander-in-chief of the Disparuean Forces. Prior to that, he served as the first Chancellor of Disparu, from its foundation to around mid-2009. He was the founder and first leader of the Democratic Party. He is a member of the Disparu Committee and a honorary member of the Order of Eagleia.

During his term as King, he was formally styled as "His Royal Majesty, Lance I, King of Disparu, Master of Château Jubilife". He was stripped of this title after the formation of a republican government during the Second Quiet Revolution, though he was awarded with his former style as Chancellor, "His Excellency", in recognition of his significant political contributions.

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