Eterna Skyline

Férin, formerly known as Eterna and Ferinh, is Disparu's capital, and is also its largest and most populated city. Due to the city's sheer size, it is one of Disparu's nineteen departments. The current mayor of Férin is Platina Berlitz.

Férin is located on René-Levasseur Island in Lake Manicouagan. Parts of the city are located on the outer shores of the lake.

Férin was originally named as the city of Ferinh. It was a planned city constructed by the rational communist state of Saboria. During that time, the city was transformed from a relatively small city to a modern and bustling megalopolis. It was the temporary capital of Canada during the Canadian Crisis. After the referendum of 2009, the city was renamed to Eterna by the Disparu Committee. According to a recently declassified Committee document released by the Government, the city's name was changed to Eterna in order to disassociate it with its past.

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