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The Deltoran Republic (DR, or TDR, or less commonly, DLR ) is a Federal Promcapablic Presidental Republic composed of 24 states and one capital district. Situated mainly in North America, it also possesses territories in the Caribbean Ocean. The country's declared independence from the United States in 1989, being reconized in 1993 after victory in the Deltoran War of Independence. Since then, the nation has become a major econmical and militaral power.

It is currently ruled by a dummvirate Presidency composing of Tyler Jacobs and his wife Carrie Jacobs. The monarchy of the country is the House of Antin, consiting of Andrew Antin and Jessica Antin. The military, joint chiefs of staff and defence department is headed by Gregor Hammelson. The Public Voice Officer is Trevor Del.

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DR flag
Official Flag of the Deltoran Republic

Did you know...

  • ...that the DR is a signatory of STOP
  • ...that the capital of the DR is Ociania
  • ...that two of the four major battles fought it the DR took place in the capital, the bombing and the Battle of Ociania
  • ...that Chicago is the DRs largest city

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  • July 30, 2011- Moracco allows the Sahwari Democratic Arab Republic to succeed.
  • August 14, 2011- The People's Republic of Grand China declares war upon Mogolina

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