Your nation's population happiness is the primary factor in determining the amount of money your people make and thus the amount of taxes you can collect from them. The default population happiness level is 0. The higher the number, the happier your people are. To see the number, highlight the area next to the smiley (or unhappy) face representing your population happiness (press Ctrl+A). This number is affected by several factors (incomplete and not necessarily accurate list):

Effects of happinessEdit

The most important effect of population happiness is an increase in your nation’s average gross income per individual per day (+$2.00 per happiness level). The happier your citizens are, the harder they work; the harder they work, the more money you’ll have to improve your nation.

Levels of happinessEdit

  • -4.00 or less - Your Population is Furious
  • -3.99 to 5.99 - Your Population is Very Unhappy
  • 6.00 to 9.99 - Your Population is Happy
  • 10.00 to 11.99 - Your Population is Very Happy
  • 12.00 to 16.99 - Your Population Adores You
  • 17.00 and above - Your Population is in Love With You

Previously, the game used the system above to determine your populations opinion of you via their happiness levels. However, following the January 15th update in 2013, the following system was utilized.

  • Less than -10 - Your Population Hates You
  • -10 to -0.01 - Your Population is Furious
  • 0 to 14.99 - Your Population is Very Unhappy
  • 15 to 29.99 - Your Population is Unhappy
  • 30 to 44.99 - Your Population is Indifferent
  • 45 to 59.99 - Your Population is Pleased
  • 60 to 74.99 - Your Population is Happy
  • 75 to 89.99 - Your Population is Very Happy
  • 90 to 104.99 - Your Population Adores You
  • 105 and above - Your Population is in Love With You

Frequently asked questionsEdit

If I raise my tax rate, will I make less money due to my population becoming unhappy?
No because you collect more tax money when taxes are raised. See tax rate for a guide on setting the best rate.
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