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Popol Vuh
Official Flag of Popol Vuh

National Flag
"the nation of Popol Vuh enjoys long walks on the beach, a succulent symbolic sacrifice, and the occasional exchange of rare stones"
Capital City Tikal
Demonym Mayans
Established November 15, 2009
(5,354 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler dockingscheduled
Alliance Sengoku
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Pink Pink
Religion Norse Norse
Currency Pound Pound
Native Resources Gems Water
Connected Resources Aluminum Cattle Fish Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Wheat
Bonus Resources Beer Fastfood Construction
Popol Vuh

Rookie Development Coach
Assumed office
February 3, 2010

dockingscheduled, also just docking is a retired government member in Sengoku. He was a longtime member of Basketball Ninjas.


In November 2009, Popol Vuh was founded by dockingscheduled, who became a member of the BN Academy. On January 31, 2010, dockingscheduled became part of a seven man group to meet the requirements needed for a call up to the Basketball Ninjas Roster.

Minister of Education[]

On February 3, 2010, Popol Vuh Ruler dockingscheduled was newly appointed as the Basketball Ninjas Minister of Education along with Santorini Ruler Nova Blue and assumed sole possession of the position on April 2, 2010. The Basketball Ninjas theme continues with the internal-Alliance name being dubbed Rookie Development Coach.

Nation Milestones[]

  • 0.00 infrastructure reached on November 15, 2009
  • 999.99 infrastructure reached on December 3, 2009
  • 1999.99 infrastructure reached on January 28, 2010
  • 2999.99 infrastructure reached on April 1, 2010
  • 3999.99 infrastructure reached on June 23, 2010
  • 4999.99 infrastructure reached on February 18, 2011
  • 5999.99 infrastructure reached on TBD

The Basketball Ninjas[]

Main article: Basketball Ninjas

The Basketball Ninjas are a small, peaceful, invitation only organization of basketball playing nations founded by Jack Shepard and Hannah Montana. The players chiefly wear Green. The 'Ninja' is the recognized team mascot of the Basketball Ninjas organization. The Basketball Ninjas are a peaceful organization who prepares themselves to counter offensive plays from opposing players.

The BN Academy[]

Main article: BN Academy

The BN Academy is the developmental team of the Basketball Ninjas founded by the Basketball Ninjas front office.


Main article: Sengoku

dockingscheduled joined a new alliance called Sengoku in late November 2012. Sengoku is a small alliance that was founded by friends who were former allies of Basketball Ninjas, primarily from OMFG and TIO.