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This article is on the Pope(s) of the fictional nation Roleplaying game Cyber Nations and is no reflection on the opinions, views or ideals of Cyber Nations or any of the people/parties represented in this article, who are largely fictional. For the actual defenition and documentation of Popes see the Wiki Article, to re-iterate, this is fictional, and based on the imaginations of RPers from across the globe.

Pope Edit

Pope and Antipope an Overview of the SituationEdit

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church, and is widely regarded as one of the most powerful political and religious figures in the world. However Cyber Nations has many Popes, some elected, some Self-Proclaimed. There are currently two generally recognised "popes": Pope Pius XIII,leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Hope, leader of the breakaway Orange Catholic Church.

Other Popes Edit

There are more Popes than just those two however. There are five known "Self-Proclaimed Popes", namely Pope Tom I, Pope Billius I, Pope Phred I, Pope Conrad I, Pope Urban IX and Pope John XXIV.

Recently, a lot of nations have declared Pope Pius XIII in support of Pope Hope and others. Some of these newer "popes" are Pope Urban IX and Pope Honorius V.

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