Ye Ole Caringbah

National Flag
Capital City The Kingsway
Established 1/4/2009
Government Type Capitalist Capitalist
Ruler PoloniusMaximus
Nation Team Red team Red
Religion Norse Norse
Currency Currency Austral Austral
Native Resources Coal Wine

Cybernations HistoryEdit

Ye Ole Caringbah was founded on 1/4/2009. Polonius was first a member of the New Polar Order from January 6, 2009 until October 20, 2010. There he served the as a Deputy Minister of Defense and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. Then he left the New Polar Order to form his own alliance with several of his friends. This alliance was known as the Crimson Fists (CF). Polonius was a founder and member of Crimson Fists from October 20, 2010 until the 12th of December 2010, when it was disbanded. After that Polonius applied for membership to the New Pacific Order.

New Pacific OrderEdit

In my time spent as a New Polar Order member it convinced me that the New Pacific Order possesses the best culture and community in CyberNations.

Polonius applied for membership on the 14th of December. He was accepted into the Academy on the 23rd and became a full member of the Order on Christmas Day, the 25th of December 2010. Polonius joined the NPO because it was an alliance that he admired and respected. He had always been intrigued by the community and culture of the New Pacific Order. This is something he wanted to experience and take part in. He had always been of the belief that the New Pacific Order is one of the most dynamic, efficient, disciplined and well-structured alliances in CyberNations.


Recruiting CorpsEdit

Polonius is currently a Recruiter in the Recruiting Corps. As a recruiter, he helps form the backbone of the RC, He is responsible for the day to day labor, tirelessly sending messages to new and old nations as well as coming up with new ideas for the Recruiting Corps.

Diplomatic CorpsEdit

Polonius is a 4th diplomat in the Diplomatic Corps. He is the backbone of the Diplomatic Corps. He is sent to individual alliances to establish and maintain good relations with them.

Media CorpsEdit

Polonius is currently a Disc jockey in the Media Corps - Broadcasting Division. As a Disc jockey he plays music and host a show on Radio Free Pacifica

Occupations, past and presentEdit

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