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There are a number of political parties in Atya, and coalition governments are common. The state is unusual as a developed nation in that politics is not primarily characterised by the left-right political divide. This is because the two main political parties Fiditooluzuun and Namadulk Atya do not identify themselves first and foremost as either centre-right or centre-left parties. Rather, both parties arose from the great split that occurred in Atyan politics at the time of Treaty of Lough Ree, that followed the foundation of the Atyan Parliament, as opposed to a centralised Oceanic 815 Parliament. Both descended from factions of the original Atyan Zunuzun party: Namadulk Atya from the faction that supported the Dominance of Atya and Fiditooluzuun from the more equal rights faction.

Political Parties Represented in Elshirbgoxen[]

Party Leader English Translation Founded Inaugral Leader Ideology
Fiditooluzuun Anto the Cheese Greens 5.9.2007 Anto the Cheese Liberalism, Green Politics
Luhashipreen Atyan Zomdaf Madog Ifans Atyan Union of Pacifists 5.9.2007 Lars Schmidt Pacifism
Namadulk Atya Izit Kumbay Great Atya 5.9.2007 Izit Kumbay Atyan Supremacy
SHipodom Fiigek Adelawe Djemba Liberal Left 5.9.2007 Adelawe Djemba Populism
Toorfuupree Atya Szymon Kasparek Militant Atya 5.9.2007 Szymon Kasparek Militarism

Parties not represented in Elshirbgoxen[]

Party Leader English Translation Founded Inaugral Leader Ideology
Trelshpree Atya Duz! Henry Cole Feudal Atya Now! 8.6.2008 Henry Cole Feudalism
Dagox Atya Mark Poepbroek Anarchy Atya 22.12.2007 Dirk van Leeuw Anarchism
Luha Irben Sean Ó Flátharta Many Countries 5.9.2007 Trent Jenkins Nationalism, Division of Atya
Tehef Wix Atya Dzut Gletomfrin Monarch for Atya 5.9.2007 Dzut Gletomfrin Monarchism
Shadzunzun Atya Shriz Fuzeefii Tribal Atya 5.9.2007 Trofupz Fuzeefii Tribalism, Return to Ancient Atya

Former Parties of Irb Atya[]

Party Leader English Translation Founded Dissolved Inaugral Leader Ideology
Incorderaashun f Indeperaats n/a Incorporation of Independents 5.9.2007 18.12.2007 n/a Independent Politics