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Polish German Flag

Flag of Polish Germany

IO of Defense Department in =WE=...In September 2008, Germany and Poland announced a union to create a new, larger empire to take on NATO and Russia. On February 16, 2009, The Polish German Empire adopted its new flag. Gott mit uns

Polish Germany was created in September 2008, on that day, joined =Western Empire= thanks to Starchaser. In January 2009, Polish Germany was promoted to the position of Imperial Officer of Defense by Master-Debater. On June 10, 2009, =Western Empire= merged with The Federation of Buccaneers and Polish Germany became Captain of Defense along side Blackbeard007.

In September 2009, Polish Germany founded and led The Prussian Empire (1st) as Kaiser. In late December 2009, The Prussian Empire (1st) merged into Athens to make Athens much more awesome. Polish Germany is now was Phalanx Commander and acted as a small role in government until the midspring of 2010.

Polish Germany is now the Director of Defense in The Conservative Underground serving with old buddies from =Western Empire= such as Commander Cato and Oda.