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"For the True North"
Capital City Artucrus
Official Language(s) English, French
Established Nov. 28, 2009
(5,341 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Nation Team Team: Grey None
Total population 800 million
 500 million civilians
 300 million soldiers
Literacy Rate 99.9%
Religion None None
Currency Polarian Dollar Polarian Dollar
Total Area 500,000 sq. km
Native Resources Titanium Water Silver
Connected Resources Oil Coal

Polaria is a fairly prosperous country in the northern hemisphere. It is a democratic nation that is currently neutral in any wars. It is willing to provide foreign aid (e.g. peacekeeping, search and rescue, etc.). Polaria's armed forces may be considered small, but it is highly professional. Its citizens are currently happy with their situation, with a 99.9% literacy rate and a high standard of living.

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