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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of September 4, 2009. More information is available here.
Planet Express
Protectorate of Nemesis
PE Official Flag

PE Official Flag
Team Color Black team.gif Black
Founder(s) zoomzoomzoom, ricardo 0o, yossarian
Founded 06/02/09

CEO: ZoomZoomZoom

  • Captain: Ricardo 0o

Delivery Boy: Yossarian

First Officer:vacant
International relations

link= alliance Statistics as of 06/3/09

Total Nations 10
Strength 321,813
Avg. Strength 32,181
Nukes 71
Score 1.19
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Planet Express is an intergalactic delivery service proud to serve the needs of its customers. Planet Express is the alternative delivery service from larger and better known companies that currently exist. Customers are promised a safe and on-time delivery, it’s our guarantee. We strive to be a respected company on Planet Bob as well as other planets spread across the universe and Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP).

I. Future Employees[]

Employees of Planet Express are guaranteed pay and a safe environment while at company headquarters. Salaries start at minimum wage and rarely increase, but may decrease.

  • 1. To acquire a job, applicants must complete a 3-day Q&A period. After the three days the results will be mailed instantaneously.
  • 2. Planet Express dislikes corporate spies so you must not be in another alliance.
  • 3. Once accepted you will be labeled as crew member. If you are not accepted you will retain your position as "Customer," where you are free to purchase our services.

II. Corporate Leadership[]

  • 1. The CEO makes all executive decisions pertaining to the Company.
  • 2. The Captain is second-in-command. The captain possesses excellent skills including commanding a ship. Should the CEO step away for a short period of time, the Captain will take over in his place.

Department Heads

  • 1. The Bureaucrat – controls all internal affairs.
  • 2. The Accountant – heads payroll and other financial dealings.
  • 3. The First Officer – maintains the company’s defense systems.
  • 4. Delivery Boy – maintains relations with Planet Bob’s esteemed alliances as well as other planet governments within the Democratic Order of Planets.
  • 5. Interns – assist corporate leadership by acting as their deputies. Their specific duties are up to the dept head they serve under.
  • NOTE: All Dept heads hold an equal vote and answer directly to the CEO and Captain. Interns do not hold voting rights.

III. Voting[]

  • Any issue not settled between the Captain and CEO will fall directly to the entire corporate leadership. Each Department head + CEO/Captain will hold one vote to cast. A simple majority wins.

IV. Amendments[]

  • The universe isn't endless and expanding, but this charter is. Should the need for amendments rise, then a leadership meeting in the conference room will be held. A clear and concise majority wins the vote.


-ZoomZoomZoom, CEO

-Ricardo 0o, Captain

-Yossarian, Delivery Boy

Foreign Relations[]

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