On the 15th of November, the Green Protection Agency got wind of a threat by someone known only as "V" [1]. He was attempting to bring together a coalition of nations to strike against the GPA on the 31st of November, 2007. Obviously, the GPA took this threat very seriously and is currently working on its defensive effort, code-named Plan 31 in hopes of protecting itself from such a threat.

The evidence Edit

To: <blacked out> From: danai 11/13/2007 11:00:23 PM Subject: lets do this

this is the time when all of the cybernations stand together to fight one clan.on November 31, 2007,12AM there will an massive attack on the Green Protection Agency.there are already more than 1000nations that will join this massive attack. u must pass this message to atleast 3 nations. hope to see you on the battlefield on November 31, 2007.12AM sincerely V

GPA Response Edit

GPA Response [2]:

To the Citizens of Planet Bob,

Upon learning of a threat to the Alliance in mid-November, authored by the individual known as "V", the Ministry of Defense consulted with GPA cartography experts Mason11987 and ArgileMind. This investigation of all leads resulted in the the order to disperse the Capitol Cities of GPA's Top 100 Nations in a well-thought plan to both prepare and counter the potential attack that "V" inspired.

To this, seeing as how the "31st of November" has come and gone without significant fallout, we are prepared to declassify "Plan 31".

Preparing for the coming onslaught, these two loyal members conceived of a brilliant plan to reorganize the some of the Top GPA members' capitol cities (those in Cybernations' Total Top 100 Nations) to ensure that our potential enemies would know what side they are on.

To the casual observer, one could presume that the Neutral Menace has indeed drawn a line down the center of Planet Bob.

Plan 31 has completed its objective. With a simple look at the GPA's Top 100 Nations, the completion of our project offers the true response to those who call for harm:

Let peace prevail across Planet Bob, for every day of November and for all twelve months of the year.

o/ GPA.


The Green Protection Agency

OOC: From all at the Green Protection Agency, have a safe, blessed and very happy holiday season, Cybernations.

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