Pirate Party
PPCN Motto: Opening Up Cyber Nations
Team Color Green team Multi-Colored
Founded Monday July 26th, 2010 at 12:00PM
Cabinet None
Other Officials None
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The Pirate Party of Cyber Nations is an alliance who's values are the core of its being: Freedom, Transparency, Privacy, Openness.


Defined ValuesEdit

  • We allow for Free Speech, and defend our nations rights to speak their mind.
  • We run our website as a wiki so that everyone can see what we are doing.
  • We do not require nation details from any nation who does not want to provide them.
  • We support openness and release all of our guides, documents, and discussions into the Creative Commons.

Constitution Edit


Pirate Party of Cyber Nations has a fluid constitution that is defined by the members, and is always current to what the needs of the game demand.

Membership Edit

Currently PPCN is recruiting new members, especially those who are in a National Pirate Party.

Treaties Edit



Democracy by the people, with a central figurehead in charge of making decisions.

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