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The events, alliances, senators, and other notable nations of the pink team are listed below.


Pink was created after the original colors. It quickly sprouted up a variety of tiny relatively insignificant alliances. All of these soon collapsed. LUEnited Nations (LUE) was the first prominent alliance to move to pink after it's creation and it quickly dominated the sphere. Later on, after their defeat in the Maroon War (in late November 2006), various alliances of the Communist Allied Forces side moved on to pink, including the Libertarian Socialist Federation (LSF) that is still on the Pink team. Shortly after forming on the Red team, MCB moved to Pink due to the New Pacific Order and their Moldavi Doctrine. After Great War 3, the Socialist Workers Front (SWF) (a merger of the International Communist Party and the International Coalition of Socialist Nations) and LUE were forced to disband. But The League of Small Superpowers (LOSS) was forced to move to pink from black team. Sparta just prior to the issuance of the The Doctrine that is the Dilber/Bilrow Love Child, privately negotiated with Bilrow and moved off of its majority color green. After a short period of discussion concerning their future color concerns, Sparta decided to move into the pink team. They were joined there by the The Centurion Brotherhood (TCB) to form the major players in the pink sphere. However, due to a lack of trading opportunities, among other things, Sparta later chose to move to the Black Team, leaving few alliances and even fewer players in the pink sphere.

The three most powerful alliances on Pink, the SPAAA, TCB, and Wolfpack, signed a treaty establishing the CORAL bloc, which asserts that the Pink sphere is its sovereign territory.

Pink Warrior Network (PWN) part MDoAP bloc part economic treaty is formed.

The Bus Doctrine set forth by the Pink Warrior Network is declared, forming a court where unaligned Pink nations can seek assistance from raids of excessive force.

After Poison Clan moved off the team, Pink's score fell even lower, and it is now the weakest team, even ranking lower than the grey (none) team by score.


As of 28th June 2010, these alliances currently exist on the Pink sphere. Along with unaligned nations, the sphere totals 192 nations, over 2.9 million nation strength and a team score of 12.59.

Current Alliances

AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance ScoreActive Blocs
AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance ScoreActive Blocs
ICONflag Independent Coalition of Nations ICON 1st June 2008 3.01
LSF civilian flag Libertarian Socialist Federation LSF 1st May 2006 5.07
TRaPS flag The Righteous and Powerful Society TRaPS 23rd Februsry 2010 0.31
Wolf Pack RED Wolfpack 27th February 2007 6.03

Former Alliances

AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance FateDate of Fate
Lueflag LUEnited Nations LUE March 2006 Disbanded 6th April 2007
Flag of Sparta Sparta 11th March 2007 Moved 11th March 2008
AllianceAcronymFoundedAlliance FateDate of Fate
Placeholder Flag Aquitaine AQ 6th February 2009 Disbanded  ????
Belairafrica Bel Air 9th September 2009 Merged 25th December 2009
Placeholder Flag Central Alliance April 2007 Disbanded September 2007
CPCN Flag Communist Party of CyberNations CPCN September 2007 Moved  ????
Placeholder Flag Elephant Graveyard 29th March 2009 Disbanded  ???? Explosmer  ???? Merged  ????
Hog2 Heroes of Gaming HoG 25th April 2007 Moved  ????
Isflag Internet Superheroes IS 4th April 2009 Merged 4th September 2009
30px Jamahiriya 1st August 2008 Disbanded April 2010
30px League of Small Superpowers LoSS March 2006 Moved  ????
P70667 MCB Alliance 15th March 2008 Moved  ????
Placeholder Flag Oronica 10th May 2008 Disbanded  ????
Poisonclan09uv8 Poison Clan PC 12th April 2008 Moved  ????
RADflag Republic of Allied Defenses RAD 20th May 2008 Merged 4th September 2009
SWFlag Socialist Workers Front SWF February 2006 Disbanded 12th April 2009
SECOMflag Soviet Empire SECOM 12th April 2007 Disbanded  ????
SpootlandFlag02 Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies SPAAA 26th November 2006 Merged 18th May 2008
SPAAA Spootland-Phantom Alliance of Allied Allies SPAAA 18th May 2008 Disbanded 22nd October 2008
Resize The Centurion Brotherhood TCB 15th October 2007 Moved  ????
FLAF The Forsaken Ones TFO 25th March 2009 Disbanded 1st November 2009
Crusadesa The Holy Crusaders THC  ???? Merged 14th July 2008
Placeholder Flag The Kingdom of the Rose  ???? Disbanded  ????
Paladinflag The Paladins tP 27th January 2009 Merged 6th April 2009
Ravyns The Ravyns 19th June 2008 Moved  ????
TRaPS flag The Rosey and Pink Society TRaPS 23rd February 2009 Changed Name June 2006
Placeholder Flag The Triple Entente TTE  ???? Disbanded  ????
Placeholder Flag United League of Nations ULN  ???? Merged 30th June 2008

Notable rulers

Some rulers had a major impact on the events on the Pink team:


Nation RulerNationRepresenting
alexo14467 Alex Covill ICONflag Independent Coalition of Nations
LittleRena Anyplace TRaPS flag The Righteous and Powerful Society
Marcus Lobonsky The Mongol-Swedes LSF civilian flag Libertarian Socialist Federation
Nation RulerNationRepresenting
Bush_84 Bushland Flag of Sparta Sparta
coolgreen44 Zikawe Hog2 HeroesOfGaming
Don Fernando Pookers Poisonclan09uv8 Poison Clan
der_ko USSR LIHbanner League of Intelligent Humans
Emil Jacobs Soviet Limburg LSF civilian flag Libertarian Socialist Federation
Finnish Commie Socialist Finland SWFlag Socialist Workers Front & SECOMflag SECOM
Grand Duke Stephen  ???? 30px League of Small Superpowers
Jack o lantern Atlantiss ICONflag Independent Coalition of Nations
Kenneth_Cole Vonnegutville Flag of Sparta Sparta
King Comm  ???? SWFlag Socialist Workers Front
King Hassan Malone Wolf Pack RED Wolfpack
King Xander the Only  ???? Resize The Centurion Brotherhood & Mflag \m/
Weston Frazer Kroknia Placeholder Flag Central Alliance
Mr. Bill  ???? RADflag Republic of Allied Defenses
Nunrleft Krowetia P70667 MCB Alliance
stevent37 Buffalonia Wolf Pack RED Wolfpack
Tne General Musetti Empire Belairafrica Bel Air

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