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The Pink Warrior Network (PWN) is an economic treaty with the goal of creating a prosperous and united Pink sphere. It consists of the Pink Warrior Network (an MDoAP bloc) and the Pink Warrior Network Assembly of General Economics (an economic bloc).

Pink Warrior Network[]

(PWN MDoAP Bloc)


We, the undersigned alliances, as members of the Pink Team hereby enter into this agreement in order to establish order, stability, and prosperity to the Pink Sphere for the mutual benefit of all.

Article 1 - Sovereignty and Membership[]

Section 1. All signatories shall remain sovereign entities. PWN cannot and will not interfere in the internal or foreign affairs of any signatory alliances.

Section 2. All current and future members of PWN must have a minimum of 50% of their member nations on the pink team.

Section 3. In order to obtain membership to PWN, alliances must first enter PWNAGE (Pink Warrior Network Assembly of General Economics). After a 6 week tenure in PWNAGE, the alliance may apply for approval to PWN, with unanimous approval by all PWN signatory alliances for admission.

Article 2 - Senate[]

The Pink Senate will remain open to the democratic process, as we wish Pink to remain an open and welcoming sphere.

Article 3 - Economics[]

Section 1. All signatory alliances agree to ensure all nations are indeed members of the Pink Team color in order to promote increased growth through increased trade partners.

Section 2. Coordination of tech deals, donation deals, and trade guilds are encouraged and will be facilitated through the use of the PWN forums as well as individual led efforts.

Section 3. Inter-alliance aid is highly encouraged, and will be facilitated through PWN forums.

Article 4 - Nonaggression and Diplomacy[]

Section 1. Signatory alliances shall not engage in militaristic, espionage, or any other such aggressive action against any other signatory. Any signatory alliance that is found to be engaging in such action will be subject to immediate expulsion and retribution.

Section 2. Private diplomacy shall be the primary tool for resolving disputes between signatory alliances.

Article 5 - Defense and Optional Aggression[]

Section 1. In the event of an attack upon any signatory, all other signatory alliances are required to provide assistance to the best of their ability, by all means available. Such assistance is mandatory, except in the case of conflicting treaties.

Section 2. In the case of conflicting treaties, signatory alliances are expected to take a neutral stance in said conflicts.

Section 3. Signatories are afforded the option of engaging in offensive warfare with other signatories. Such action is not mandatory.

Section 4. Warfare shall not be undertaken as a result of treaty chaining. In order to ensure that the establishment of PWN does not infringe upon the general politics of all signatory alliances, only direct warfare shall be considered for defense and optional aggression.

Article 6 - The PWN Council[]

Each member alliance shall maintain two representatives as members of the PWN Council. The PWN Council shall be the governing body of PWN and will be the body that relays the will of each PWN signatory alliance in regard to admittance of new Pink alliances, amendments to this treaty, expulsion, and all other potential color sphere governance concerns.

Article 7 - Amendments[]

Unanimous agreement by all members of the PWN Council must be had before making changes to this document.

Article 8 - Expulsion[]

The PWN Council must come to 66% agreement until there are 4 or more signatory alliances, whereupon 75% agreement is required for expulsion of any signatory alliance.

Article 9 - Cancellation[]

Should any signatory alliance wish to withdraw from this treaty, they must inform all other signatory alliances. Following this, there will be a 72 hour grace period during which all terms of this treaty shall be binding.


For Poison Clan (Jan 22, 2009):

Chinatownbus - The Toad
TwistedRebelDB47 - Master Killer
Pooksland - The Centipede
Syrik - The Snake
Revelation - The Snail
Boogeyman657 - The Trout
Don Fernando - The Komodo Dragon
Liquid Fire - Master of the Domain
Plysprtz - Hybrid Venom
b3x - Brew Master, Lord God King of the Keg

Withdrew September 22, 2009

For The Republic of Allied Defenses (Jan 22, 2009):

Mr. Bill - Emperor
Jason8 - Right Hand Man
LintWad - Director of Finance
Nuhotness - Director of War
Comrade Josh - Director of Interior Design
Caliph - Director of Hippie Love
Thomas Jackson - Director of Recruitment
SWATEnfo - Director of Pink
GreeDy - Director of The Force

For the Internet Superheroes (June 6, 2009):

Extraduty, Master of Army, Intelligence and Murder
King Xander, Lord of Lolitics
Sakura, Lord of Nightmares

For the Libertarian Socialist Federation (July 3, 2009):

Delegates Council of the Libertarian Socialist Federation

Pink Warrior Network Assembly of General Economics[]

(PWN Economic Bloc)


The signatories of PWN and PWNAGE recognize the importance of a unified and stable Pink Team. This treaty brings the signatory alliances together to pursue an improved Pink Sphere through economic cooperation and prosperity.

Article 1 - Trades and Economics[]

The signatories shall be open to trading, tech dealing, donation dealing, and all other forms of economic cooperation with all signatories of both PWNAGE and PWN. The signatories shall work with all signatories on the PWN forums to enrich the Pink Sphere.

Article 2 - Structure[]

The signatories recognize that they are not members of PWN, but are economic partners to the signatories of PWNAGE and PWN. Signatory alliances are not required to support PWN signatory alliances in any militaristic, diplomatic, or financial actions. However, they are afforded the option to do so with the approval of PWN signatories.

Article 3 - Aggression[]

In no way is this agreement a non-aggression pact, nor is it defensive. Diplomatic avenues are of course encouraged for the resolution of any conflicts.

Article 4 - Promotion[]

Should members of PWN wish to give membership to any signatory alliance into PWN, they may do so. Likewise, should signatory alliances wish for membership into PWN, they may apply for membership following a 6 week tenure in PWNAGE.

Article 5 - Cancellation[]

Should any signatory of PWNAGE drop below 25% pink and make no visible effort to rectify the situation, said signatory will be expelled from PWNAGE by the signatories of PWN. If any signatory alliance wishes to remove themselves from this agreement, they may do so.


For Aquitaine (Jan 22, 2009):

Princess Pirate Fluffy Pants—Typhoid Mary
Chief Manager o' Plunder—LuckyBob343
Queen of ...something, this is actually a working title—Queen Miranda
Pirate King of Bass'o'matics—Ron Popeil

For White Tree (Jan 22, 2009):

Fenris, Leader / Founder
Insanium, Deputy Leader / Founder
CitizenKane, External Affairs / Founder

For the Libertarian Socialist Federation (Jan 22, 2009):

Delegates Council of the Libertarian Socialist Federation

For the Independent Coalition of Nations (Jan 22, 2009):

Emperor Jack o lantern of Atlantiss
Founder Bloody of BloodNation

For the Paladins (March 6, 2009):

890765, King of The Paladins
KingMichel, Paladin Lord of State

For The Forsaken Ones (June 14, 2009): Emperor - Jens of the desert
Minister of Internal Affairs - THE HOLY DICTATOR
Minister of War - Lord Ditka
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Sticklyman

The Forsaken Ones disbanded on November 1, 2009.

For The Centurion Brotherhood (Jan 22, 2009):

King Xander the Only, King of the Brotherhood
The Royal Centurion Court


TCB withdrew from PWNAGE on November 25, 2009



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