Petroskoi (Russ. Петрозаводск) is a Uralican city - the largest in Karelia county and also its county seat. It is also the seat of the Karelian Tribal Board head office.

Surprisingly, metallurgy, although a presence in the city, is not the main industrial sector - this honour belongs to the food production business, which provides around a third of the city with work. Petroskoi also has a large retail sector, and small textiles, heavy machinery, and hi-tech sectors.

Two highways run through Petroskoi. UH-7, the main highway running from the Karelian Isthmus north to Murmansk and Severomorsk, enters in the city's northern suburbs, however Highway UH-7A, which is a point of ingress from the southern border but also loops around Lake Onega, and ends up in Pudozh via Vytegra, actually runs through the city.

Culture Edit

Petroskoi's population is very heavily Karelian, with about 60% of the population claiming at least some Karelian heritage. This has been good news for the Karelian language, as the total number of speakers now exceeds a million. Russians, Finns, and "Olonets Karelians" (Karelians speaking the Livvi language and voting for the Livonian tribe) are also major ethnic entities within the city.

Much like Syktyvkar, Perm', and Yekaterinburg, Petroskoi has a reputation for being a centre of the fine arts. The Karelian Drama Theatre (formerly the Petrozavodsk Drama Theatre) hosts hundreds of musicals and plays per year, while the Karelian Chamber Orchestra is a common sight to be seen at the Tribal Symphony Hall in downtown Petroskoi. Otherwise, the city bears more resemblance to Finnish cities than it does to Russian cities - Neo-Classical architecture is prevalent throughout the city.

Sport Edit

Football (Soccer) Edit

Kolmonen Edit

  • AutoSpecTrans Petroskoi
  • Karelia Petroskoi
  • RKC Petroskoi

Nelonen Edit

  • CSFK Petroskoi
  • Dinamo Petroskoi
  • Torpedo Petroskoi

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • Spartak Petroskoi
  • FK Petroskoi
  • Onega Petroskoi
  • Transit Petroskoi
  • Rotor Petroskoi
  • CSKVC Petroskoi
  • Petroskoin Pallokerho
  • Petroskoin Jokerit
  • Petroskoin Ässät
  • Zvezda Petroskoi

Bandy Edit

  • Petroskoi Bandyklub

Handball Edit

  • Petroskoin KPK

Other Edit

  • Petroskoi Iceplex - speed-skating rink. Short-track and Long-track.

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Uzhe-Selg
  • Sulazh-Gora
  • Meliorativnyy
  • Solomennoye
  • Gromovskoye
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