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Permski Rayon

Flag of Permski Rayon.

Permski Rayon (Finn. Perminalue) is a Uralican county, the second-most populated overall after Southeast Uralica and the second-largest after Northwest Uralica. In spite of its name, its county seat is not Perm', which is contained within its own unitary authority. Instead, this falls upon the city of Kungur, which was made the seat by referendum and officially started this on 1 April 2010. It surrounds two unitary authorities - besides Perm', there is also Solikamsk-Berezniki.

It is an important area for the mining of both iron and silver, and it also contains large hi-tech, retail, manufacturing, textile, and smelting sectors.

Important Cities And Towns[]

County Seat Debate[]

On 1 January 2010, Krasnokamsk municipal officials met with the County Board to discuss moving the county-level administrative offices out of Krasnokamsk, to a "more balanced" city, as Krasnokamsk has a disproportionately small industrial sector due to nearby Perm'.

After much debate in the County Board Chambers, a consensus was reached that this would probably be the best course of action, however it still had to be determined where the new county seat would be. In spite of the TOP-C&G War, a meeting was called to vote on this on 21 February 2010, with Kungur eventually being chosen because of its accessibility and central location. The transition officially took place on 1 April 2010 although the move to Kungur started nearly a month and a half prior.