Permanent Zero Infrastructure or PZI is where a nation is reduced to ZI, and then not permitted to rebuild its infrastructure at any point again in the future. It is, by some, considered to be a death knell for a given nation. Nations sentenced to PZI are expected then to either leave Cyber Nations altogether or delete their nations and create new ones anonymously.

However, as a nation is continually attacked it becomes smaller and smaller. Thus, those sent to declare new wars when the current ones expire tend to be weaker, less experienced and with less investment in whatever hatred is directed at the nation designated for Perma-ZI. Much of this depends upon whether the PZI victim actually did something wrong or merely offended a more powerful group. If it's the latter, in practical terms usually the designation only lasts for a matter of weeks or months at most, although sometimes PZI may never even be acknowledged let alone lifted depending on the alliance who is enforcing the sentence.

What can be problematic is that anyone who gives the designated nation traceable aid may also be subject to attack for an indefinite period. So sometimes the PZI victim's friends will be demolished as a means to punish him.

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