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Peoples Front
of Republic of Camdonia
Party Chairman Percy Lockhart
Vice-Chairman Ian Duluto
members 45,983
Founded January 1955
Political ideology Democracy
Color(s) Blue (Primary)

The peoples front of Camdonia, (Also known as Peoples front of the Republic of Camdonia), is a un-official party which seeks democracy within Camdonia. It is the largest organization in Camdonia that wishes for democracy. It was founded in January 1955, by its current chairman Percy Lockhart.

Polictical Goals[]

Desired Government System[]

The party'smain goal is to form a democratic republic, it wishes the public to have a say in who runs the government, the democratic republic it seeks will be made up of a Senate which has been made up of members of the public elected in, from there the senators will elect themselves a Consul, which will represent the Senate and the nation in polictical and other country affairs.


The partys ideology is mainly a democratic system, it follows Socialism and Liberalism and a from of Communism but with a more major democratic system.

The chairman Percy Lockhart called his beliefs as Percism, which is a variety of Liberalism, Communism and Socialism in a democratic goal. It promotes a equal state where the working class get a fair share of the companys profit they work for with a public say in the government running.


The party participates in peaceful protests to try and get their view across, although, partys are banned in the country if not communist, this party is allowed but as an unofficial one, however when the party was first created its chairman Percy Lockhart was exiled from Camdonia until Robert Lawerence become premier and granted his position to come back.

From there on, countless protests occur in Extruta and all over the Republic, some are not a peaceful as Percy promotes, protests that get violent are soon dealt with by the Camdonion Army