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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
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We are the Peoples Confederation Of Republican Nations or PCORN. We are a group of individuals that believe in helping the young grow and making CN a better place for everyone. Our confederation is lead by two leaders who have been in the alliance longest. In PCORN we have strict rules and these are the following.

  • No attacking without asking the two leaders next
  • No offensive language to other players next
  • Overall if it is a rule of the Cybernation game then you have to follow it
  • Cannot be inactive for more than 14 days

If any of these rules are broken there will be an immediate kick from the alliance and will break off trade and all other affiliations with player.


  • Demi Leaders- two people in the alliance that have been in the alliance the longest and will but the ultimate decision makers of the alliance they will govern everybody in the alliance.
  • Discipline Officer-this person will be in charge of all disciplinary actions and kicks, will switch once a month
  • High Ambassador- They will oversee treaties and have a vote on said treaties if approved by the higher government. They will also keep foreign relations with other players or alliances and will govern the recruiters, will switch once a month.
  • Recruiters-They are responsible for the growth of the alliance and if are incapable of doing so will be asked to step down from the position will switch when one leaves.
  • Members- one of the most important roles in the alliance they will be the voters of the disciplinary officers High ambassadors and the recruiters and none of the positions would be able to happen without them.