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The Prussian Empire - Fatality Optional Defense Pact

Preamble: Fatality and The Prussian Empire wishing to confirm their friendship and collective defense hereby enter into this Optional Aggression Pact.

Article I: Peace is good: No member of either alliance shall ever commit an act of violence toward each other. Any rogue attack will be punished as seen fit by the responsible signatory.

Article II: Respect is even Better: Both signatories agree to remain respectful to each other at all times in public and in private. Any disputes will be settled diplomatically via private channels.

Article III: Intelligence is always the best: Both signatories agree to share any and all information pertaining to the security and stability of one another. All information passed between the two alliances shall be kept confidential.

Article IV: I got your back: If either party is attacked the other party has the option to come to the attacked parties aid, via war, aid, or in any fashion they deem fit

Article V:Sorry but its over: This treaty may be canceled at any time by either alliance. Should the need to cancel arise, the canceling alliance must give a 48 hour notice of their intent to cancel via private channels and a valid reason of why they have chosen this option. The treaty will remain in effect until the 48 hour period has elapsed.

Signed For Fatality





Signed for The Prussian Empire

Polish Germany - Kaiser