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People's Order of Truth
POT Official Flag

POT Official Flag
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) KOwens06 and Bluebirdmatt
Founded 11 January 2010
International relations
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The People's Order of Truth (POT) was formed on 11 January 2010 at 4:20 pm by KOwens06 and Bluebirdmatt. Following POT's declaration of existence, Viridian Entente announced that it would be protecting POT for the time being. POT strives every day toward its goals of consistently growing and being sanctioned.

Charter and Government[]

The Charter of the People's Order of Truth was the supreme law of the Order, establishing its principles, liberties, and its government. The POT Charter established a six-person government, headed by the President and the Vice-President. The cabinet of POT consists of four departments: foreign affairs, treasury, defense, and the interior.
POT's current charter is its second one, adopted on 19 July 2010.

On 17 March 2010, President KOwens06 was deposed by his cabinet. In its wake, the new government adopted the Provisional Charter of the People's Order of Truth which established a three-person government in charge of the four departments. The Director of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Defense. The Director of Internal Affairs is responsible for the Department of the Interior and the Department of the Treasury.

On the 19 July 2010, POT unveiled it's new charter. It changed the admissions process to include a three day wait which would provide greater integration with the community for applicants. In the second charter the government style was also changed, the President was replaced by an Emperor and the Vice President was to be replaced by a The Speaker of the Senate. Four posts, the Senator of the Interior Affairs, Senator of Defense, the Senator of Foreign Affairsand the Senator of the Treasury we created to replace the previous posts. The charter stayed true the ethos and founding principles of POT, whilst changing what needed to be changed to put it's troubled past behind it.


The Order's history is humble. KOwens06, its first president, came from the United Earth Directorate after deposing its former head of state King Death II. He then moved onto the Socialist Workers Front after UED's disbandment on 30 December 2009 for a short while before founding POT. Bluebirdmatt formerly worked with the Viridian Entente government as CEO of Trades within VE's Department of Economics.

In mid-March 2010, President KOwens06 and former Secretary of the Interior Bestruler were removed from their positions in an action taken by POT's cabinet at the time: Bluebirdmatt, Mcfortin, Ray Matveyev, Trumpkin, VanHuek, and ford1972. The cabinet was growing weary of Bestruler's encroachment into POT's government, especially as they claimed, by capitalizing on alleged corruption of President KOwens06. Citing the disregard for the charter, alleged corruption, impulsiveness, and an Bestruler's involvement in government, KOwens06 and Bestruler were impeached from their offices on 17 March 2010 [1]

On the 19 July 2010, the charter of POT was changed heralding in a new age.


Below are treaties currently signed by the Peoples Order of Truth.