Penedono is a leader of great intellect and sagacity, famed for his gentle wit and come hither bedroom eyes. His kind countenance, his strong leadership, his firm hand yet gentle touch are all ways in which he has endeavored to emulate that hero of the people, Auctor.

He has served The Grand Lodge of Freemasons for many years in several positions, never asking once for credit but always thrusting himself into the work of the Lodge in all things. This has earned him many accolades, all of which he is known to humbly protest and seek only to be of service to all.

He's known as at least 2 and arguably 3 of the top 10 greatest Grand Masters GLoF has ever had. All hail Penedono! Lead us forward into the light of liberty, equality, and the other one that's in the Mason motto henceforth and forevermore.

(Thanks for the write-up, Auctor. -Pen)

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