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capital city of the
Celtic State of Cymru Newydd
Flag of Pen-y-Groes
City Flag
Rhiwbina Avenue, Pen-y-Groes
Nation Celtic State of Cymru Newydd
Location The County of Deheubarth
Area 16.212 square miles
Population 1,027

Pen-y-Groes is the capital city of Cymru Newydd. Over a third of the entire population of Cymru Newydd live in this city, including the nation's Head of State, King Cynan II. The nation's Head of Government, however, traditionally resides in the nation's second city, Curion.


Pen-y-Groes is set to be a major industrial city in the future. Hospitals, schools etc. will be built largely in this area as soon as the nation's meagre funds grow. One military guerrilla camp has been built in Pen-y-Groes under the name of Coruscant Camp, named for the nation that sent so much foreign aid to Cymru Newydd. A second camp has also been built in Cymru Newydd, in the city of Curion, under the name of Childsoldieruss.