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City of Peltodirectus
capital city of the
Republic of San Stravinsky
Flag of City of Peltodirectus
City Flag
City of Peltodirectus
The Skyline of the Commerce District and Downtown at Night,
the Red Bridge over the Rangeskie River
Republic of San Stravinsky
Federal Capital District
Location North of Morgantown, Federal Capital District
Area 50.5 sq. mi.
Population 4,809,246 (2010 Census)

The City of Peltodirectus is the national capital of San Stravinsky and the largest city in population. Famous landmarks are the National Capital Building, the Parliament Hall, Embassy Row, and Government offices. The High Court Building is located in Clarksburg, D1. The city is located in the Federal Capital District. The city's environment is healthy and supports mainly eco-friendly vehicles (City Ordinance #33A-B). The City is run by the Lord Mayor Russell Stanson and the city council.


Peltodirectus was a simple mountain village near the Morgantown Metropolitan Area of the Federation of Wellow. In 2009, it was destroyed during a bombing of the City of Morgantown, and was left with nothing but a flagpole bearing the alliance flag of the rouge nations. In 2010, the republic surveyors noticed the flag and began rebuilding it as the national capital. it started at a population of 1082 but increased and flourished to a population of over 1,000,000.

Council Residence[]

The Council Residence, the home of the presidents, is located near the border between Morgantown and Peltodirectus in a forest. It is hidden from the population and difficult to reach because of surrounding back roads. The residence takes up a large area of the Beta Section of the forest and is extremely well guarded.

Bombings of Garrison Resort Towers[]

In 2010, a Wellecian supporter killed himself and many others with a bomb in the lobby of Garrison Resort Tower A. The bomb destroyed the support for the building and set the lower 5 floors ablaze. The tower collapsed, destroying the second tower along with it. Amazingly, only 53 of the 2,984 guests were killed in the attack, all in Building A. The city was put into terrorism alert Red, meaning most of the city is in danger. The Presidents, who were to address the people there, were escorted to the City of Pittsburgh, the nations third largest city, and kept there until the mayor announced all clear.

City Alert Signals[]


Codes: Black = 70 mile radius in danger Red = City Limits in Danger Yellow = Certain Area in Danger Green = All Clear, but mild normal danger Blue = Peace


Wail = Weather Related High Pitched Wail = Attack Siren

Siren Locations[]

Weather Sirens:

  • East Side High School
  • West Side Elementary
  • Rouls de Ponte National Park
  • Residential Lands of the Council of Presidents

Attack Sirens:

  • Eastern Village Freeway
  • Financial District Freeway
  • Read Mix General Plant Old Building
  • National Capital Building