Capital Forrussia
Formation 3/17/2006
Nation Team Green
Allaince Viridian Entente
Government Monarchy
Nation Strength ~24,420.869
Area 903.12
Population ~55,000
Literacy Rate 99.88%
Currency Dollar
Native Resources



The land of Peekopia was established on March 17, and soon after joined up with the Game Informer Online Coalition, as the great leader Peeko hailed from the GIO Forums. It was with an ambitious dream and aim for the top that had the nation quickly rise through the ranks, breaking the top 100 nations in as little as 5 months.


As a member of the GIOC, Peeko remained an active member. Soon after the ratification of the GIOC Charter, he became Magistrate of the alliance. However, much instability in the government soon rifted apart the nations of the GIOC, and a bitter dispute over what direction the alliance should take after the Warpstar Alliance attacks the Legion, many nations, including that of Peekopia, fled from the GIOC's unsafe habitat.

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