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Pechora County is a Uralican county in the northeastern part of the nation. The north-western slope of Mount Narodnaya, Uralica's highest point, lies within the county, whose county seat is, naturally, Pechora, which is also the largest settlement in the area, with a few more thousand people than Usinsk. It is primarily a mining county although there is a small hi-tech sector as well. It borders Northeast Uralica to the east, Nenetsia-North Uralica to the north, Northwest Uralica to the west, and Central Uralica to the south.

Important Cities and Towns[]

  • Pechora (Finn. Pettora)
  • Usinsk (Finn. Usilla)
  • Parma (Finn. Parama) - subordinate town of Usinsk
  • Izyayu-Kozhva (Finn. Issijaju-Kosava) - former subordinate hamlets of Pechora city
  • Michael' (Finn. Mitsaili)
  • Verkhnekolvinsk (Finn. Yläkolvi)
  • Burovaya (Finn. Purovai)
  • Shchelyayur (Finn. Sieläjyr or Tieläjyr depending on dialect)