Peace Keeping Coalition

Socialist People's Army

Treaty Type: Treaty of Amity
Treaty Signed: 18/10/2008
Treaty Terminated: 4/02/2009
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Peace Keeping Coalition was a treaty of amity between the Jamahiriya and the Socialist People's Army. It became void upon the merger of SPA into WANG on 4 February 2009.

Text of the Treaty Edit

Article I - Establishment Edit

Part A. Upon ratification, this treaty shall take effect immediately and last until either signatory terminates this treaty or violates any of the conditions set forth in this treaty. Part B. This treaty shall not affect the sovereign and independent nature of the signatories and their members. Part C. To be admitted in this Coalition you must receive a 1/2 vote for acceptance.

Article II - Non-Aggression Edit

Part A. The signatories of this treaty agree to not allow any sort of hostile actions of any form between members of the signatories. These hostile actions include but are not limited to the declaration of war against a member of the other signatory, subversion, sabotage, or espionage against the other signatory. Part B. Either signatory shall not aid a third foreign body militarily, politically, or financially that has commenced hostile actions against the other signatory. Part C. Any breach of the above will result in the expelling of the hostile member(s), full reparations, or any other punitive measures as met in agreement between the two signatories.

Article III - Aid, Defense, Diplomacy Edit

Part A. This treaty shall act as predetermined authorization for either signatory to formally request assistance in any form including but not limited to military, political, or financial support in any hostile conflict against any third political body if they so desire it. Each signatory can refuse said request at will but cannot use said refusal as means of breaking this pact outside the normal means determined in Article IV. Part B. Any signatories shall treat the other with respect and courtesy and will not grant asylum to those sought by the other signatory for criminal acts. Part C. Any signatories shall exchange diplomats to increase communication and strengthen their friendship.

Article IV - Cancellation of Treaty Edit

Part A. Should either signatory find reason to cancel this treaty the signatory must present a written document notifying the other signatory of the cancellation. This pact would subsequently expire seventy-two (72) hours after this official notification. Part B. The violation of any of the preceding articles in this pact is grounds for its immediate nullification. Part C. To be expelled out of this Coalition you must get a 3/4ths vote.

Article V - Conclusion Edit

Part A. This Treaty of Amity is put into immediate effect by the following signatories.

Signatories Edit

For the Socialist Peoples Army

  • King-Dafydd[SPA], PKC Military Commander

For the Jamahiriya

  • Ksehersonos, Supreme Leader
  • Al Ashtraki, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution
  • Tahai, President
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