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Parliament is the appointed Legislative body of the Viridan Entente. It consists of Secretaries for each Department and the Duke. Those Departments are: State, Defense, Interior and Economics. Upon resigning, most Parliament members are given the status Minister of Awesome, where they remain in an advisory role.


Department of Communications[]

VE Comm.png

The State Department is one of the four principal departments of the Viridian Parliament, formally defined within the Charter of the Viridian Entente. The Department serves to manage communication of the Viridian Government internally. The Department of Communication seeks to foster internal community development through membership retention programs, leadership training, and by providing government transparency through information dispatches.

Current Secretary: Olorin

Department of the Interior[]

VE Interior.png

The Department of the Interior is responsible for the recruiting, processing, training, discipline, and management of members of the alliance. The Secretary of the Interior is responsible for keeping Entente members informed, investigating violations of the Charter and alliance policies, dealing with all matters and policies that pertain to the membership of the Entente, and the expansion and refinement of the community. The Secretary of the Interior may discipline any nations found to be releasing private information to outside parties, or those who are deemed to be acting in a manner detrimental to the Entente.

Current Secretary: Moonpie

Department of Defense[]

VE Def.png

The Department of Defense is responsible for coordinating war efforts and educating Entente members on the practices of war. The Secretary of Defense acts as the Chair and Head of The Entente’s Army, and is responsible for gathering and organizing intelligence on the various alliances of the Cyberverse to ensure the security of the Entente.

Current Secretary: wolfwyrm

Department of Economics[]

VE Econ.png

The Department of Economics is responsible for keeping the nations of the Entente running at optimal efficiency, and enacting and carrying out the alliance wide growth policy. The Secretary of Economics is tasked with ensuring the nations of the Entente are buying and selling technology, setting up proper trades, and utilizing the services offered to them by the Economics Department.

Current Secretary: Lieutenant Yenroh

Viridian Chancellery[]

The Chancellery is responsible for overseeing diplomatic relations with foreign alliances. Consists of 3 chancellors who share a single vote.

Current Chancellors: Austrailia, Goldie, Cornelius

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