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Pacifican Library
Department of the New Pacific Order
NPO pacifican library.png
Imperial Officers Red, Zeta Defender
Chief of Media Lord of Darkness
Coordinators Caius Alexandrian, Melisande, Kean
Caretaker Caius Alexandrian
Branches Media Corps
Maintain archives of the NPO.
The Library became defunct on May 18, 2012, and its duties were absorbed by Media leadership.

The Pacifican Library of the New Pacific Order was previously part of Public Services and became part of the Media Corps in the November 13, 2011 shuffle. The Chief of Media has oversight over the Pacifican Library. The duty of the Pacifican Library is to maintain an archive of all that happens in Pacifica. In addition to a general Archive, the Library has the following wings: War Room threads, which contains discussions that occurred during wars; Imperial Decrees; Departments, which has sections for Military, Public Services, Imperial Offices, and Pacific News; Appointments and Resignations; Foreign Affairs; Culture Announcements; and Charter Amendments. The Library is led by the Caretaker and staffed by Curators.

Library Ranks[]

Curator.png Curators maintain the Pacific Library by archiving threads from the Body Republic of the NPO. They sort them based on criteria such as Appointments & Resignations, Imperial Decrees, Imperial Offices and many others along with the all encompassing and aptly named "Archive" for the left over topics.