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The Pacifica–Polaris Dispute (sometimes also dubbed, DisOrderly Conduct) is a conflict that erupted between the New Pacific Order and the New Polar Order in late June 2008. This dispute, like the Moldavi Rebellion, once again tests the relationship that is shared between the Orders. It led to the dissolution of the Ordinance of Order on July 4, 2008, and later the overthrow of Electron Sponge, then Emperor of the New Polar Order.


Just before the Dispute began, rumors began to circulate that the Orders were preparing for a war with one another. However the only evidence used to back up these claims were the treaties being signed, which led to many of these rumors being dismissed.

Signs of DivisionEdit

This gossip remained unsubstantiated until two people, intent on leaving the game with a bang, revealed logs of several high-profile leaders discussing their moves for the future, some of which included plans for an inter-Order dispute. These leaders included chefjoe of Valhalla, Van Hoo III of Ragnarok, and ironchef of the Grand Global Alliance.

Kurushio's Why hello thar!
Jonathan Brookbank's Grand Exposé

Joint Imperial DecreeEdit

The Orders were quick to dismiss these claims, even though many of these logs were confirmed to be real. NPO and NpO issued a statement later that reaffirmed their commitment to the Ordinance of Order.

Joint Imperial Decree

Beginning of the DisputeEdit

While it can be argued that underlying tensions have existed between the Orders since the Moldavi Rebellion, or even earlier, true strain on relations between the two had not manifested itself openly until the New Polar Order's expulsion from the One Vision bloc.

Expulsion from One VisionEdit

Feeling that the New Polar Order no longer shared the same opinions and goals as those in One Vision, the Grand Global Alliance initiated the expulsion article of the One Vision treaty and submitted the notion to expel the NpO from the bloc. The GGA succeeded in its goal, with both IRON and NPO supporting their move.

A short time later, both MCXA and Echelon withdrew from BLEU and were admitted to One Vision.


VE-NpO TensionsEdit

Prior to the tensions of the Pacifica–Polaris Dispute, the Viridian Entente had cancelled their treaty with the New Polar Order. While originally only declaring neutrality in the NpO-FIST War, the Entente later revoked it's MADP with the NpO after seeing how the events of the war unfolded. VE felt that the NpO had not given them enough warning and had unfairly attacked it's ally and no longer considered Polaris to be a friend.

Shortly after the above events transpired, Ardus, Lord of the Viridian Entente, brought Electron Sponge into a meeting in which Ardus was joined by the leaders of his allies and various other alliances who had had previous tensions with the NpO. The meeting was about Chickenzilla, an ex-VE member who was accused of espionage. Emperor Sponge's response was less than friendly, going to the point of threatening their former ally. In response to this move, many alliances began to cancel their treaties with the NpO. The New Polar Order proceeded to lose some of its oldest allies.


Treaty CancellationsEdit

Cancellations with the New Polar Order

Reaffirming Treaties with the New Polar Order

Doitzel and Corinan RevelationsEdit

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An artist's depiction of the dialogue between Polaris and Pacifica on the CN forums during the Pacifica-Polaris dispute

Following the multiple treaty cancellations with the New Polar Order, two ex-members of the NPO revealed that Dilber and several other leaders were plotting against Polaris in order to remove Electron_Sponge.

After Doitzel and Corinan's topics were posted, Emperor Sponge of NpO stated his own opinions and retold the events from his perspective. In retaliation, Dilber of NPO posted a timeline and list of transgressions by Polaris. Many other individual statements have been released since.

Declarations of SupportEdit

Alliances Supporting NPO

Alliances Supporting NpO

Alliances Supporting Peaceful Solution

Cancellation of the Ordinance of OrderEdit

On July 4, Emperor TrotskysRevenge of the New Pacific Order cancelled the Ordinance of Order.

New Emperor of PolarisEdit

Our Regent, Random Interrupt, has declared Emperor Electron Sponge as absent as he has been unable to be present the past few days in this time of need. As acting emperor, Random Interrupt has asked Imperator Emeritus Tygaland to take over leadership of the New Polar Order on a temporary basis. Acting Emperor Tygaland has made the decision to pass leadership over to Almighty Grub permanently.

—Announcement of AlmightyGrub being the new emperor of Polaris

Recognition of AlmightyGrub as Emperor of the New Polar Order

New Government

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