Pacific Recognition and Peace Treaty
Type of treaty Peace
Drafted 9 December 2010
- location
9 December 2010
Jaegar Kingdom/Central ATLANTIS
Sealed 9 December 2010
Effective 9 December 2010
Signatories PACIFIC EMPIRE Pacific Empire
Language English

The Pacific Recognition and Peace Treaty (PR-PT) is the official and formal declaration of independence of the Pacific Empire. The original text of the treaty, with the signature of Frank Jaegar and the all representatives and witnesses, can be found in the Imperial Jaegar Castle. PR-PT also limits the colonies that the Pacific Empire has obtained during the Great Pacific Micro-War from 22 into 13, liberating 9 of them. Those 9 ex-colonies will be given an extensive reconstruction and humanitarian aid by the Pacific Empire and would also be given protection from external threats. This treaty also marks the transition from the Imperial ATLANTIS into the Pacific Empire


The Imperial ATLANTIS would be internationally recognize as an independent nation granted that it would return the previous administration and/or government of nine of its current colonies. The Imperial ATLANTIS hereby inherits all the rights of a nation and is now officially a union of pacific micro-nations, the Pacific Empire.

Article 1Edit

Imperial ATLANTIS would hereby join/shift into the Pacific Empire, signaling unity between all nations within the Pacific ending a single-man rule over it. Hence, from now on the territory of Imperial ATLANTIS will now be called the Pacific Empire.

Article 2Edit

Imperial ATLANTIS would hereby grant liberty and release nine (9) colonies within its control, decreasing the territory of the Pacific Empire once this treaty is effective.

Article 3Edit

The Pacific Empire would take over all military defensive actions of the nine colonies it will liberate. By signing this treaty the Pacific Empire agrees to be the protector of these nine micro-nations from foreign/external threats. The Pacific Empire would have to rebuild these micro-nations mentioned to its former state before its subjugation from the Imperial ATLANTIS.

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