Pacific Financial
Department of the New Pacific Order
Imperial Officers
Directors Amyameretta
Arranging aid for members and procuring technology

Pacific Financial (formerly the Economics Department) is a department of the New Pacific Order that was formed on 10 August 2014, with a restructure of the then Economic Affairs department. The restructure brought with it new policies and plans for the Order's economic growth and prosperity. Pacific Financial was dissolved as an independent department on November 17 2016 by the order of Lord of Darkness, with much of the management now overseen by the Military Command.


Rank Image Duties
Pacific Financial High Leadership
Executive PacFinExecutive These people run the entire department and handle administrative issues that arise, as well as assist the Imperial Officers of Economic Affairs with creating and implementing projects for the department.
Directors PacFinDirector Oversees the day-to-day management of the department's sub-divisions.
Consultants PacFinConsultant Advisers to the Economic Affairs Leadership.
Economic Affairs Junior Leadership
Analyst PacFinAnalyst These are the old Tech Corps Dispatchers and Bank Auditors. They maintain and monitor teams of Procurers and Agents, ensuring their team is sending out their aid or technology in a timely manner.
Banking Branch
Agent Extraordinaire PacFinAgentExtraordinaire Agents who are recognized for having sent out massive amounts of aid to NPO members and allies while continuously serving Pacifica's Economic Affairs department.
Agent PacFinAgent Bankers who send out aid to NPO members and allies
Technology Branch
Senior Procurer PacFinSeniorProcurer Procurers that are recognized for having sent out massive amounts of technology while continuously serving Pacifica's Economic Affairs department.
Procurer NPOProcurer Smaller nations that are responsible for the production of technology for the Order.


June 1, 2011 shortly after the end of the Doom House-NPO War, when the Pacific Bank and the Tech Corps merged under a single department called Economic Affairs. The merger was a result of discussions held between the Imperial Office of Economic Affairs Bakamitai, former Imperial Officer Jasmine, Bank Chairman Letum, Bank Vice-Chairman and Tech Corps Executive Elegarth and Tech Corps Executive Zeta Defender.

The merger was brought about through a desire to see increased efficiency in the field of economics for the Order. New opportunities appeared as a result, including allowing younger nations to take part in banking duties. Increased cooperation between the previously separate economics departments allowed for an increase in procuring technology for Pacifica and her allies.

On 10 August 2014, the Economic Affairs department was replaced with Pacific Financial, who were tasked with overseeing and leading the economic growth of the Order. The department continued to run until November 17 2016 when management was moved to the Military Command.

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