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This article is about a Uralican city. For the alliance OSA, see Open Source Alliance.

Osa (Russ. Оса) is a Uralican city in south-central Permski Rayon, sitting on the south bank of the Kama River. Highway access is provided by Highway UH-23A, which links up with Highway 23, which is a secondary highway linking to several major highways in the region.

It is unsure as to when exactly the settlement was founded - it was definitely in the 1590s, although some sources say 1591 and others 1596. However, it is known that the settlement first attained city status in 1737, which it would lose in 2006 in the aftermath of Cataclysm and the subsequent changing of hands of the town to other nations.

After being annexed in early 2009, Osa quickly gained importance both as a river port along the important Kama River, and as a centre of food production, much like fellow Kama Valley city Chaykovsky, which would be annexed later. It also brought to the table a very balanced industrial sector - food production, machine-building, production of housing construction materials, lumber sawmilling, agriculture, and oil refinery already had a foothold - which would later be bolstered by the adding of metallurgy, pulp-and-paper, consumer-goods manufacturing, and publishing.


Predominantly Russian throughout most of its history, Osa now has large populations of other ethnicities as well, with the largest non-Russian populations being Finns, Udmurts, and Bashkirs. The cultural features of the city include a historical museum, a regionally-famous folk choir, and a wind orchestra.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Neftyanik Osa


  • Dinamo Osa
  • Metallurg Osa

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Osa
  • Osan JK
  • Spartak Osa
  • Tsementnik Osa
  • Zavod Osa
  • Khimik Osa
  • Neftekhimik Osa
  • Allianssi Osa
  • UB Osa
  • Lesnik Osa
  • Bumazhnik Osa
  • Mashinostroitel Osa
  • Rapid Osa
  • Gornyak Osa
  • Transit Osa

Ice Hockey[]

  • Osinsky HK

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Osa Dragons


  • Osinsky BK

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Mazunina
  • Logovaya
  • Beryozovka