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The Eastern Orthodox Church is a Christian body that encompasses national jurisdictions such as the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and other Churches . It traces its origins to the original undivided Christian community founded by Jesus for salvation, with its traditions first established by the Twelve Apostles at the time of Pentecost and maintained through unbroken Apostolic Succession.

On the basis of the numbers of adherents, Eastern Orthodoxy is the second largest Christian communion in the world after the Roman Catholic Church, and the third largest grouping overall after Protestantism. There are approximately 240 million Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide. Eastern Orthodoxy is the largest single religious denomination in Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Serbia and many nations in Eastern Europe, but there are also large Orthodox communities in Africa, Asia, North America and Australia.

Orthodox Christian Countries[edit | edit source]

These counries have an Orthodox Christian majority or a noticable minority.

Orthodox Christian Rulers[edit | edit source]

These rulers are Orthodox Christians.

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