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Orrple was a MDP bloc consisting of the Orange Defense Network and The Legion. Although most MDP agreements between two alliances are not considered blocs, Orrple is an exception because of its long history and because ODN and Legion are particularly close. Orrple was active from August 15, 2006 until July 14, 2009 and survived through victories and defeats in multiple wars. Orrple was canceled by the Orange Defense Network on July 14, 2009 due to the fact that "The Legion and the Orange Defense Network have found themselves completely and utterly ideologically incompatible, to such a degree that a militarily binding treaty can no longer exist."

"Orrple" is a compound word combining Orange and Purple, the spheres on which ODN and Legion reside.

The Citrus/Concord DecreeEdit

An Alliance between the Orange Defense Network and the Legion

Preamble of the DecreeEdit

Understanding and committing to both continued prosperity and development, the Legion and the Orange Defense Network, their member nations, and leadership, enter into this decree with one another, in the knowledge that it shall provide for long lasting prosperity, protection, and growth of each of our organizations.

Article I: General TermsEdit

This alliance, formally titled “The Citrus/Concord Decree” will be in effect from the moment of signing and unto perpetuity unless either side terminates said agreement or acts in violation of the following terms: neither signatory shall participate in military action against the other, neither signatory shall lend financial aid to an alliance or nation engaged in military action against the other, neither signatory shall participate in espionage against the other. If either alliance terminates this agreement they will give notice to the other signatory at least five days in advance.

Article II: Discrete ProtectionEdit

Both the Orange Defense Network and the Legion understand the need for discrete protection as a means of safeguarding the rights and security of all member nations. With that mutual understanding, both signatories agree to share intelligence that is determined to be unfavorable to the well being of the other alliance, or one of its member nations. The sharing of any and all information shall be processed through secure formal diplomatic channels.

Article III: Formal AssistanceEdit

This decree will function as a predetermined endorsement for both organizations to formally request assistance from the other during times of war and peace. Such requests are automatically granted under the terms of this treaty. Assistance may include but not be limited to military and financial. Each signatory has the discretion as to the amount of assistance given. The leadership of both signatories has the option of assigning advisors to the other signatory to be used as needed for unspecified amounts of time.

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