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Orozai (form. Ruzayevka, Russ. Орозай, Finn. Orossai) is a Uralican city, situated on Highway UH-27 in Mordoviya, 25 km southwest of Saransk. Originally founded as "Uruzayevka" in 1631, it is the Moksha variant of this name from which the name of the city comes.

Orozai is seen as some as a bedroom community for the aforementioned Saransk, however it does also have its own industrial sector, with heavy machinery, textiles, glass, food production (especially dairy), and the manufacturing of vacuum cleaners being decently-sized within Orozai. It is also a large retail source of construction materials such as lumber, plywood, hardi-plank, and most other essentials.


As is the same with nearby Saransk, a large number of Mordvinic people gravitated towards the city for work, with the farm work now being done by smaller numbers of people. Orozai has a higher proportion of fully Russian people, though, at around 30% of the population. There are also more Finns in Orozai, proportionally speaking, and there also exists a small population of Tatars in one of the western suburbs.

Although most of the sights are in Saransk, there are still two local museums and plenty of sport facilities to keep the locals entertained. There is also a beautiful UEB church on the east side of the city, Holy Spirit Baptist Church.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • KM Orozai


  • Mordovia Orozai

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Orossain Palloklubi
  • FK Orozai
  • Dinamo Orozai
  • Spartak Orozai
  • Mashinostroitel Orozai
  • Jupiter Orozai
  • Torpedo Orozai
  • Velocitas Orozai
  • Allianssi Orossai
  • Tekhnika Orozai
  • Lokomotiv Orozai
  • Stolitsa Orozai
  • Zavod Orozai
  • Turan Orozai
  • Orozai City
  • Lesnik Orozai

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Orozai Razorbacks


  • Orossain KPK (non-League)

Ice Hockey[]

  • Mordovia Orozai (non-League)


  • Orozaysky BK (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Tatarskaya Pishlya
  • Aleksandrovka
  • Punaklini (formerly Krasnyy Klin)
  • Levzha